Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pushing through

Nope, this isn't about nano this time.

We're at the end of the boating season, here in New England.  For some, the boating season ends as early as Labor Day... but we always stretch it to the last possible moment.  We were scheduled to pull our boat  - Legal Design - out of the water today, but thanks to Hurricane Sandy, had to move that up by one day, to Saturday.  We enjoy our time on the boat, and this is always a sad time for us.. knowing that it will be nearly 6 months before we can put the boat back in water.  So we left the house shortly after breakfast, carrying lunch with us, and planning on spending a nice long day on the boat, at our favorite fishing spot.

When we arrived at the docks, we were delighted to see that the wind was minimal, and the water was fairly flat.  We were a bit surprised to see that there was only one boat other than ours, tied up... but we probably shouldn't have been, between the calendar date, and the upcoming storm.  We headed out the river, remarking on what a beautiful day it was.... and then WHAM.  We found ourselves facing a VERY thick fog bank.  Boy, if you'd taken our pictures right then, we looked like two very disappointed kids.  This was our last trip for the season, and we had been looking forward to it, all week long.  If this had not been the last outing until next April 15, if we had not been keep closer to shore our previous two outings, due to the water conditions, we probably would have headed back to the river, and just puttered around there for a little bit.  But this was the last outing, and we really wanted to go.  Safety first, of course  (you could die out there, on the ocean!).. but, we have the GPS, and it actually helped that there were so few boats on the water...   we decided to go slow, and see if perhaps we could make it to one of our closer fishing spots.

So we pushed on through.

We carefully worked our way through the now-empty mooring field of the Ipswich Yacht Club, with hopes of being able to make it to Halibut Point.  And as we came across the red #4 buoy, we were met with a wondrous site....

Woo Hoo!!  The fog was not all encompassing...  and contrary to the usual way things worked, it was mostly concentrated near the shore  (looking behind us... was still very fogged in)... but our way was clear, to head out to sea.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Over the next few hours, we saw 2 whales, a couple of seals, and a few dolphins, as well as an amazing number of birds.  We caught  a lot of undersized fish -- and of course we threw them back, with instructions to 'Grow, and we'll see you next year'... but we brought home a haddock, and two cod.  Yumm.

Wow.  If, when we'd seen the fog, we had made the snap decision to turn around, we would have missed out on this truly marvelous day.  Fortunately, we made the decision to push through, and we were generously rewarded.  It doesn't pay to be impulsive, but sometimes, you just have to push through difficult conditions, in order to get to where you want to be..  where you need to be.

Hmmm... what was that?  you just have to push through difficult conditions, in order to get to where you want to be..  where you need to be

Oh.  I guess I was wrong.  I guess this post IS about Nano!!!  
Three days and counting... Write On, fellow wrimos... I lift my tea mug to you, in a toast of good words, and good writing.


  1. So glad you had such a great last day on the boat! Love the photos - the whale is amazing. Thanks for sharing your special day with us!

  2. I love the name of your boat!

    What a beautiful day for your last trip on the water for this year. A day with sun and whales is a good day.

    Stay warm and safe during this upcoming storm. Hope you don't lose power.

    1. Actually -- we consider ANY day on the boat to be a good day.... the sun and the whales are like the sprinkles on an ice cream cone.
      Thanks for the good wishes.. we're as prepared as we can be, and now it's all up to Mother Nature.

  3. We're in Glenwood Springs right I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to toast your adventure with a cuppa. Be safe.

  4. Great story, great pictures, and an awesome reminder that tough paths often are the ones that make the real progress. Write On, indeed!