Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Location, location, location

Ordinarily, the phrase 'location, location, location' is used to refer to real estate.  There's no real consensus on when the phrase was first used, or who coined it, but there is documented use of the phrase in 1926 in a real estate classified ad in the Chicago Tribune.   The point of the phrase is to emphasize the importance of location in the value of real estate.  You can renovate a house, you can put on an addition, and you can even raze the building to the ground and start over.  But without a decent location, you have a problem.  Oh sure, I suppose you can move a house... but that's a huge enterprise, and perhaps it only goes to show just how important location is.

I like my house, including it's location, but when I think of 'location location location', I think of eating dinner on the boat.  I've often said that being on the boat makes even a stale peanut butter sandwich taste like a wonderful gourmet meal.

And that's when things are ordinary.

Tonight, we grabbed a couple of salads, and headed out.  And things were far from ordinary.   They were truly and deliciously extraordinary.

Find that hard to believe??  Take a look...

Our first hint of what was to came, came when we were heading out the river...   the water was amazingly flat, and the sky was still.  Even the windmills were at a standstill

Then the sky began to take on a pinkish cast, with a teasing suggestion of an amazing sunset

but wait!   it wasn't just pinks, it was also golden orange!!

oh sure, the salads may have been ordinary.....

and we didn't bring dessert with us.

but that was ok... Mother Nature provided dessert 
the no-calorie kind, a dessert for the eyes and the soul

Did I have a cup of tea when I got home?  Of course I did.  What better way to end a beautiful dinner.