Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nanowrimo Write, part 1

Today, is November 1.. which means that, ready or not, I've shifted from Nanowrimo prep, to Nanowrimo write.

This is my 4th Nano, and I've come to look forward to the bit of adrenaline rush that arrives, as October draws to a close and it's time to turn the calendar to November.   But for some reason, this year, the adrenaline rush was more intense than ever.  I'm thinking that perhaps my writing group is to blame.

I've never been one for study groups, or book clubs, or write-ins.  But I've been hanging out with this group of writers.  It's a small group, and no one is published, yet, and most of the group have no desire to be published, but we all write.  And we all talk about writing.  And we all do Nano.

So, whereas my typical Nano prep had been to come up with a concept, and do some research, and talk to my brother about Nano.... this year, I've been talking to half a dozen other people about Nano... and we've been talking about Nano for a couple of months now.  And I've somehow become the ringleader of 10 other attorneys from around the country, who have decided to urge each other on, as we all try to coordinate our work schedules, with our efforts to write 50 thousand words of fiction, in 30 days.  This is NOT something I would have done, prior to the influence of my writing group!

And there's more...  I almost stayed up until midnight last night, just so I could write the first few words of my story.  I finally wimped out, and went to bed.. and was glad I did, because I woke up, knowing what my opening was going to be.  Then, at lunchtime today, I went to a write-in that was at the library that's just a few blocks away...  and I actually enjoyed it!  Again, these are things I would not have done, prior to the influence of my writing group.

The adrenaline rush is gone, now, and I can sit still long enough to enjoy my cup of tea.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited about Nano, and I'm still excited about writing, and I'm still excited about my writing group, and I'm still excited about the little cluster of lawyers who are doing Nano.... but things now feel more normal, and more reasonable.  November is here, and I have 50k words to write.  And if I succeed, I'll have earned the right to call myself a winner, and a purple banner will show up on my avatar on the Nano site.  But whether I meet the goal of 50k in 30d or not, I have fallen in with this group of people who have given me this added energy and enthusiasm.    

When I hear the word "Muse",  my first thought is of the Greek Muses.  The dictionary defines "muse" as 'someone or something who serves as your inspiration',  and I've always thought of muses  as fictional, almost like an imaginary playmate.  But I think of  people I know who get energy and enthusiasm - yes, and inspiration - from theater groups, and from social organizations, and religious groups, and athletic organizations, and I realize that I've been rather narrow minded.  While muses may be fictional, and come from an inner source,  life is full of external muses, as well.  I'm not sure whether I found my muses, or my muses found me...  but here we are.

Write On, Muses!!!

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  1. Awesome, Laurie! This is going to be the best NaNo ever!
    Hail to the Muses!