Monday, May 20, 2013

Liebster Blog Award - part 1

So - a short time ago, there was a comment on one of my posts that I'd been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award.  Those who don't know what this is, were duly impressed, I'm sure, and perhaps wondering when the winners would be announced.  Those who do know what this is, were duly unimpressed... and knew that winners are never announced.

Nonetheless, being nominated, requires a response, by the very definition and nature of the award.  There are 5 'rules' to accepting the nomination.... all of which require a response.

So, first, let me thank Anya Lowery for the nomination....  you should check out her blog.

Anya Lowery's blog

Next, I'll explain what this award thingy is.  Simply put, this award is a way to encourage people who are reading at least one blog, to read at least one other blog.

Depending on which source you check, you'll generally see that the Liebster Blog Award is given to an 'up and coming' blogger, with a relatively small number of followers.  In addition, although most references call this an award, no one actually receives an award.. instead, people are awarded nominations.

Wait, wait, wait, don't run away, yet.  
Here's the bottom line.....

A few years ago, someone started this.  There's no committee, there's no award.  Bloggers who receive the award   nomination are supposed to 
a) thank the blogger who nominated them
b) list 11 random facts about themselves
c) answer 11 questions posed by the blogger who nominated them
d) prepare 11 random questions for their own nominees
e) nominate 3-5 more bloggers.

This creates a snowball effect....   readers of Anya Lowery's blog saw a link to my blog in the post she wrote accepting the nomination and moving it forward.  Readers of my blog saw her initial comment that nominated me... and included a link back to her own blog.  In addition,  readers of my blog will see the links to the blogs written by the bloggers who I nominate.

Feels a bit like a chain letter, doesn't it?  Except that it really isn't.  No one has any obligation to do anything.... I don't even have to accept the nomination if I don't want to.  There are no threats of dire consequences, the 'obligations' that exist are fairly nominal, and the reader has absolutely no obligations at all.  And the bottom line is that it gives me an opportunity... or rather encouragement ...  to share with you some of the blogs that I follow.  You might want to check them out.

So -- on to my lists....  and no, I don't know why the magic number is 11.  It's not my favorite number... but it's apparently the traditional number for the Liebster nomination... and I'm all for tradition.

11 Random facts about me

1.  I already gave you one... I like tradition.

2.  I like tea... a lot.  But then, you already knew that.

3.  I'm partial to tuxedo cats; my last 3 cats have been tuxedo cats.
4.  This, (not 11) is my favorite number.
5.  I like to play Words With Friends.  A lot.
6 and 7.  I grew up in Colorado, but I never learned to ski.
8.  If I had to choose between being a lion, a tiger, or a bear (oh my!)... I'd rather be a lion... but then again, I'm a Leo, astrologically, so I suppose that makes sense.  
9.  I'm not really fond of sharing random facts with people I DO know... much less those I don't know... which is why I kind of cheated, and #8 is kind of a spin-off of #3, below.
10.  I was recently told that I use far too many commas; I find myself agreeing with that assessment, and I'm working on fixing that.
11.  My favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.

Next, I'm supposed to answer the 11 questions that Anya posted for the people she'd nominated.
1. What is your least favorite shade of pink?
uhm... all of them
2. If you could go anywhere in Time and Space, where would it be?
here, and now.  Yes, I realize that might sound boring..  but if I went elsewhere/elsewhen, I'd worry that I might miss something.
3. Would you rather fight a lion, tiger, or bear?
A lion.  Oops, wait.. I read that as 'would you rather be'...   hmmm..I guess I'd have to go with a bear.
4. Sunshine or rain?
Actually, slightly cloudy and dry.  But if I have to choose between sunshine and rain, then rain.
5. What's the last book you read?
I often read more than one at a time...  kind of at the same time, I finished Gentlemen and Players, by Joanne Harris (the author of Chocolat), and The Twelve, by Justin Cronin.
6. What is your favorite Beatles song?
Really?  uhm.... perhaps Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds... perhaps not.
7. If you lived till you were 300, would you be happy or sad?
I have no idea.  Ask me in 245 years.
8. If you could be instantly fluent in any language other than your first, what would it be?
9. What was your favorite picture book as a child?
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, by Dr. Seuss.
10. Would you rather live in a Hobbit Hole or Rivendell?
11. Are you an introvert or extrovert? 

and.... I think that's quite enough for one post.  Shortly, I'll post part 2, in which I list my nominees, and the 11 questions I've created for them.  I feel quite an obligation here... not  to those who I might choose, but to you who are reading this.  The whole idea is to introduce you to other blogs you might enjoy.  So I'm considering other blogs carefully, trying to come up with a list that my typical reader (and I'm not sure who that is!) might find interesting... AND someone who has not already been nominated, or at least not nominated recently.

For now, I'll enjoy my tea, and consider my options.

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