Friday, March 1, 2013


I have this really cool app on my iPad, called Knowledge.  
Actually, if you go to the app store, it's called Unnecessary Knowledge  
...  in other words, it's a bunch of trivia.   Although, in all fairness, I suppose I need to admit that while I may think this is a really cool app, I've had more than one family member threaten to break every bone in my fingers if I read one more bit of trivia, out loud.   But I like trivia... funny trivia, serious trivia, odd trivia, even trivial trivia.    This app claims to have over 2000 pieces of
information, and one of the things that I like, is that it allows me to tag my favorites.

I haven't looked at this app in awhile (the fear of bodily harm thing), but the other day, I was killing some time... and decided to browse through my favorites.. and seeing how none of you are physically close enough to commit any injuries, I thought it would be safe to share some of them with you.

Let's see .. oh, here's one.. "When ants die of poisoning, they always fall to the right."   
Now see?  Isn't that cool?                                        

Oh!  Here are a couple, about snails... Snails kiss before mating,  and snails have 25, 000 teeth.  Wow.  I did not know that.           

Hmmm.....  polar bears are left handed.   That's pretty interesting...  both my sister and my brother are left-handed... I wonder if they're actually polar bears... I'll have to check with mom on that one. 

Ooh.. another goody.. seals get seasick on boats.       
WAIT.  That makes no sense at all.  I can't believe seals get seasick... on or off boats.  That just doesn't make sense.     Up until now, it had been interesting, but I've spent a lot of time on boats, and I've actually seen a bunch of seals, and I'm just not buying this one.  And now that I think about it.... does it really make sense that poisoned ants would always fall to the right?  or that my siblings are polar bears in disguise?
So... I head off to google, to check out some of these things.  Sadly, people, I must report that none of these things are actually true.  Oh sure, you might be able to find things on the internet that support each of these bits of 'knowledge'..  but if you check out serious and legitimate sources, you'll discover that they aren't knowledge, at all.  I guess you really do have to consider the source, when someone tells you something.

By the way, while I was googling around, and looking up trivia, and checking out sources, I came across this really cute cartoon...

All of this trivia, has made me thirsty.  And I have it on the best authority, that drinking tea, will satisfy your thirst.


  1. So, why do you still have an app that feeds you false data?

  2. I was very entertained by your post!! Hope you enjoyed your tea!!

  3. And did you know: Three out of five statistics are made up. *insert tongue in cheek emoticon if there is one*

  4. I knew it...I knew it! Ants don't always fall to the right, and now I don't have to wait for the "spring crop" around my driveway to find out.

  5. I LOVE trivia. I can't find my keys but I love knowing random facts of knowledge.