Wednesday, September 26, 2012

tea, football, and the princess

Sitting here, drinking my tea.  Decided to try something a bit different -- it's called Russian Caravan Tea.  A black tea, of course.  I don't do herbals,  or green teas, or any other color... but it's amazing how different one black tea can be from another.  This new tea isn't bad, but it doesn't compare to Typhoo.  

Moving on, this football thing is pretty silly.  I mean --  it's just a game.  Hey, if people don't like the way the referees are refereeing, maybe we should combine football games, with American Idol...  let the players play, and then the audience can call in and vote for who they think won the game. 
Sorry, I'm just not a football fan.  Yes, I do watch football on occasion but it's just a game. I just can't take it seriously.  

However, there is one good thing that has come out of this football foolishness.  We had to have something this big, to knock the Princess out of the news.  Sure, it was pretty stupid for her to be topless.  I'm sorry, but there are some sacrifices you have to make, a price you have to pay, to be princess.  And one of those sacrifices is that you really, really shouldn't go topless.  Ever.  Anywhere.  On the other hand -- give me a break --  my understanding is that she was just a normal topless person.....  she didn't have 3 breasts, she didn't have a hand coming out of her chest, a la one of those scary Freddy movies,  and she was in the company of her husband.  So ---  Why am I supposed to care?  I don't.  And I'm glad it's over, so we can move on to more interesting things, like   .....  
Oh wait.  Never mind.

That's it for tonight.  Nothing overly insightful, or exciting.  Just some random teapot musing.  And I think I'll pass on the Russian Caravan tea in the future...  not very strong or robust.. more of a hint of tea, than a good strong cuppa.


  1. In a former life I used to drink tea (black and green), and I had the same assessment of Russian Caravan! Not robust. LOL

  2. LOL, Princess with a hand coming out of her chest... lol. Actually I missed all this "news". The benefits of no television is that you don't miss much of merit. Hearing you relate it is quite amusing, though.