Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Super Tuesday

In case you've been a juror on a major trial, or for some other reason you've been sequestered away from all the national news, let me be the first to tell you that this is Super Tuesday.

What's so super about it, you might ask...  good question, I've been asking myself the same thing.

Oh sure, I understand that - as a registered voter in one of the states that is included in Super Tuesday, today is the day that I get to vote in the national primary election.  But that doesn't make it super.. at least not for me.

But it's not just me... it's really not 'super' for any other primary-election voter.  As in most elections for anything, anywhere, each of us will get one vote.  My one primary vote is no more 'super' than the primary vote of someone living in New Hampshire who voted last month, or the primary vote of someone living in Montana who will vote in a few months from now.  The fact that my state votes on Super Tuesday in 2016  (the states included in  Super Tuesday change from one election to the next), doesn't mean my vote is any more super than the votes of those who live in North Dakota -- one of the last states to hold a primary.

Turns out  that it's the media, and the political parties who've dubbed this Super Tuesday.  Turns out that in some years, there are multiple Super Tuesdays.  Turns out that it's really not Super at all.. that's an arbitrary tag attached to one primary day out of about twenty.  Tne only real super thing about it is that the politicians and the pundits and the reporters get to say "Super Tuesday".

Am I going to vote?  Of course I am.  Do I feel very super?  Not in the least.  Will it change the tea I drink?  Of course not.  Super Tuesday or not, I always vote for Typhoo tea.

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  1. Thank you for voicing my opinion and the opinion of many like me who decry the idiocy of this whole system! If this were a television show, I would change channels or turn the set off.