Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Avocado Problem

Over the last few weeks I keep finding emails in my inbox  about avocados, and it seems like everyone is talking about avocados.  I like avocados, especially in a salad, and I realized I hadn't had any avocado in awhile.  So last week when we went out to dinner, I ordered a turkey tips and avocado salad -- only to be told that they were out of avocado.


Now I REALLY wanted some avocado.  Not a problem, I know how to make my own salad.  So the next day I went to the grocery story, with visions of a wonderful salad with green peppers and radishes and mushrooms and black olives and romaine lettuce and feta cheese - and of course avocado.  I had some of the ingredients at home, and I quickly picked out the romaine lettuce and fresh mushrooms, and then walked over to the avocados.

Ugh!   Hard as a rock.  Perhaps harder.  The avocados weren't bagged, they were all separate, and I went through every avocado on display, but
could not find one that I could eat that night.

Yes, I know that avocados in the grocery store are often quite hard.  Yes, I know that it's very easy to ripen them by placing them in a paper bag.  Yes, I had a paper bag at home.  But that didn't solve my problem, which was that I wanted avocado in my salad that night.  And there's really no suitable substitute for avocado.

Wearing my best pouty face, I put three avocados in my cart, prepared to pout for the several days it might take for the avocados to ripen.  As I pouted and dragged my feet in the direction of the checkout lines, I realized I was walking by the organic produce section.  I have never purchased anything from the organic produce section, being quite satisfied with the ?inorganic? options.  But as I looked up, I saw that there were little organic avocados -- packaged three to a mesh bag.

Keeping my three hard avocados, I added a mesh bag of organic avocados to my cart, turned my pouty faee to a happy face, and went through the checkout line.  Was the cashier mystified at my grin?  Don't know, didn't care, I was having avocado in my salad that night.

About now, you're wondering 'Gee Laurie, what's the problem? Were the organic avocados bad?"

No they were not, they were wonderful.  And I had a salad with avocado the next day for lunch, and again the day after that.

Here's my problem.   I still have 1 1/2 organic avocados left.  And my three avocados that were hard, are now quite ripe.  So I have 3 large avocados and 1 1/2 small avocados, all needing to be eaten, and eaten fairly soon, and there's only so much avocado you can put in a salad.

So I'm looking for recipes.  I could make guacamole of course, but then you need chips.. and I was hoping to keep this on the healthy side.  I see a recipe for an Avocado-lettuce-tomato sandwich... which sounds good, but doesn't use up much avocado.  I see that you can fry avocados -- again, doesn't sound very healthy, plus one serving only uses up 1/3 avocado.

But I may have found a winner here, I may have found a solution.  I've come across a recipe for avocado pie.  Only uses two avocados... but that's ok.  That might be enough that I can use the rest up in salads.

And I'm pretty sure avocado pie will go quite well with a nice cup of tea.

But WAIT!!!
I now see that you can grill avocados... typical serving is one 'cado per person.  And avocado soup sounds interesting.. that's 1/2 'cado per serving.  Oh wow, I just found a recipe for grilled marinated avocado that you serve as a side dish.. that's one 'cado per person.  And mashed avocado on toast sounds pretty good, too... that's 1/2 'cado per person.  And I see a recipe that has you putting avocado in your potato salad!

Oops.  New problem.  Now I need more avocados.  Better get more tea, as well.

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  1. I've been giving pep talks to my avocado tree with its tiny new avocados, but it insists on going at its own pace. I shouldn't be surprised since it took 7 years to produce its first avocado last year.
    I did see an article about avocado wine. You should check that out. It might be a nice change from tea.