Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy Middle Child Day...

....   a day late!

Yesterday (August 12) was National Middle Child Day... and I missed it.  I'm one of three children, and I'm not the middle child, so by definition one of my siblings is.  And I'm afraid I didn't call, or send a card, or even an email.

But that's not because I didn't care, it's merely that I didn't realize it was National Middle Child Day. That designation did not appear on any of my calendars, I didn't see any adds on TV, and I didn't see any special sections in the card aisle at the drugstore.

Today -- the day after National Middle Child Day -- I'm seeing all sorts of postings that people have ignored Middle Child Day, just as they ignore middle children.

Wait -- WHAT???

Talk about being ignored -- there is no such thing as an Oldest Child Day... or a Youngest Child Day. And what of the families with more than 3 children??? Are they considered to have multiple middle children?  Well as it happens, this situation is covered by Siblings Day - which is April 10.

Oh.  Darn.  Siblings Day.   Looks like I missed that one as well.  But so did my siblings, so I guess that's ok.

And before you ask .. I looked it up, and yes, there is an Only Child Day.  Only Child Day is April 12, and I guess you have to count on your parents to remember that one.

I've commented on this before -- I'm not sure who establishes all of these different day, or why, or even how...and with regard to National Middle Child's Day I wasn't even able to determine when it was established.  And as long as people don't take them seriously, I guess it doesn't matter.

But just in case it does matter, I noticed that today is International Left-Handers' Day.  And it just so happens that both of my siblings are lefties.. so to the two of you (you know who you are!)... and to all other lefties out there -- I say.......uhm.....   Happy International Left-Handers' Day!

Whew... having dodged that bullet, I think it's time for a cup of tea!


  1. I started out as a lefty before they switched me. Does that count?

  2. Gee, I'm a lefty and no one sent me a card either. Of course, I'm the oldest child... my sister (the middle child) made a point with that notice card, too. I pretty much ignored it because we're all rather bored with the "no one notices me" crap.

  3. Well, as the youngest...I just don't care. I'm too busy being laid back and mellow. Thanks for the International Left-Handers day wishes...but I think that's one of the silliest things I've ever heard. The last thing we need is more 'special' days. Unless of course, I get to pick them! I can't wait for Bring-Donuts-to-Laurie's-little-brother day!

  4. As a middle child myself, I propose an International Middle Child's week...with the donuts that I really should have sent to Laurie's little brother...and cookies...chocolate chip cookies....They go especially well with tea, doncha think??