Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mother Nature

(This morning, cleaning out some old, old  e-mail folders, I came across something from another blogging site...  confirmation of something I'd posted.  Really?   Oh yeah....  now I remember...  a couple of years ago, I had a notion to start a blog.  I posted once, never posted again, and completely forgot about it.  I guess maybe the time just wasn't right.  I was going to just delete it, but then decided it was worth sharing.  The original date on this post was August 16, 2011.)

Sometimes, Mother Nature works overtime, I guess.

Recently, we had the following day:
Saw a large deer walking across the lawn, in the morning. Went out on the boat and headed over to a fishing spot...  didn't catch any keepers, but we saw a whale, a dolphin, and a seal.  Took the boat back in, and had to stop to watch a friend who was cleaning the porbeagle shark he'd caught  (7  1/2 feet long, 86" around).   First time I'd ever seen a real live shark -- well, I guess it was no longer alive, but I mean in real life, as opposed to on TV or in a book.   Got home, went out to check the tomato plants, and disturbed two rabbits who were busy enjoying my garden.  Later, went out to run some errands, came back home and our headlights startled a small deer walking across the driveway.

Oh yeah, in her spare time, she made sure all of this happened on a warm (but not too hot) sunny day.

Good job, Mother N.  I don't mind the rain today, you deserve a day off.

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  1. Thanks for resurrecting the old post! I enjoyed it, and can only imagine where you live, to have that much (and varied) wildlife around! Awesome!