Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comfort Zone

Twice now, in the past month, I've had someone challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone.  And it wasn't the same person, twice, it was two different people.  Apparently, to others, I appear quite set in my ways.

I acknowledge that when I go to a restaurant I've been to before, I usually order the same thing I had last time I was at that restaurant.  But I don't consider that being set in my ways... it's more that -- if I order something new, I might not like it.. and now I'm stuck with a dinner that I don't want.  (Note... this isn't to be confused with comfort food.. which I almost always like to eat when I'm in my comfortable chair at home.)

But let's think about this comfort zone thing.  First, it's called 'comfort zone'.. because this is where you feel comfortable.  Generally speaking most of us have a fair amount of tensions and pressure in our lives, whether it's caused by a high-intensity job, or the fear of losing a job ... or both...  whether it's caused by bills and expenses, or family relationships,  or national and international events.  Seems to me that we're entitled to a bit of comfort.

And in all fairness... the friends who challenged me to step outside, weren't suggesting that I should never be comfortable... they were suggesting I try something new, something different.  And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  After all, the first time I did Nanowimo,  it was outside of my comfort zone...  starting a blog was definitely outside of my comfort zone.  And both of those were very good things.  That's not to say that it's always good to go outside of your comfort zone.  I tried ballet a few years ago --  bad idea.  I tried reading romance stories -- bad idea.  I tried skiing -- REALLY bad idea.  I kind of liked golfing, but others told me that was a bad idea.

So perhaps, the trick is to not step outside my comfort zone, but rather to carefully edge a toe across the line that defines my comfort zone.
Yeah.  I think I could be comfortable doing that.  And then I can decide whether to actually take that first step, or whether I should pull my foot back in.

For now, I'll sit here and drink some Typhoo tea... or perhaps I'll have Bewley's today.  After all, I can be rather adventurous, you know.


  1. You could start a hobby... I hear they can be fun....

  2. Hi Laurie,

    I successfully did Nanowrimo in 2011. Last year, because I was halfway through writing a novel, I did an unofficial Nanowrimo where I added just over 50,000 words to that novel in November. For me, getting out of my comfort zone would be to actually finish editing and redrafting one of the five manuscripts I have in play at the moment. And then getting them critiqued. I did get out of my comfort zone by editing a non-fiction book this year for a friend, it was about running, something I don't do - I swim instead - my friend went from unfit to running marathons and then running up Mount Fuji - very enjoyable read. He self-published it.

    Graham Clements.

  3. There is nothing wrong with staying in your comfort zone. I sure do like being in mine!!

  4. Didn't you just get done criticizing the young woman who was trying new things all year?

  5. I say menu - try the lot, you might find a new favourite.

    Sports and hobbies - time, cost and opportunity should be your only restraints.

    You only live once.